Payment methods:
1. cash
2. Bank transfer
3. payment by credit card online

How to pay:
1. fill in the application form on the website or contact us via phone.
2. We will contact You to coordinate all the questions on the registration application.
3. to your specified e-mail will receive a link for payment.

Payment online is through system ArtPay Bank cards BelKart, Visa, MasterCard.

The service is free, without additional fees and interest.

On a secure payment page ArtPAy system will display account number, name of service, invoice amount and currency of payment.

Enter the credit card details — number, name on card, expiration date, CVV2/CVC2 code and e-mail address to receive e-cards-check and click "Pay".

If your card and the Bank support the security standard 3D-Secure, you may be asked to enter your secret password for 3D-Secure. To get the password of 3D-Secure, you must contact the Bank (phone number is on your card).

As a result of the payment using the Bank payment card is formed of card-a cheque in electronic form (sent to your email address specified while entering the details of payment) reflecting the particulars of the transaction and payment are confirmation of transaction payment. Keep the receipt to reconcile the statement of the card account (to confirm transactions in case of disputable situations).

Payment by credit card in the system ArtPay comfortable and safe. Data transmission in the payment process occurs in a secure mode, TLS 1.2 with a key length of 256 bits encryption using technologies like 3-D Secure Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code.

The service provider protects your credit card details, verified by compliance with the security standard PCI DSS 3.1.

Information transfer hapodita via closed banking networks with the highest level of reliability.

The processing center does not transmit your credit card information of our company and other third parties.

In the event of a cancellation a refund is made by the Seller in the form in which payment was made for the Goods (services), in the terms established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Money will be refunded to the card from which payment was made.