Музей "Бездежский фартушок" д. Бездеж Дрогичинский район
Пинск- город IХ веков
Прогулка на теплоходе по р. Пина
Свято-Николаевская церковь д. Купятичи
Беловежская пуща
Экскурсия в Жировичский монастырь
«Литературный музей Я. Колоса» д. Пинковичи.

For fans to explore the world and spend time actively, we offer tours to the most interesting places of Belarus.

The memorial complex "Brest fortress – hero"

Duration 10 hours.

During the tour you will see the terrible days of the great Patriotic war. You will visit the Museum of the Brest fortress, view memorial the defense complex of the courage and fortitude of the defenders of the great Patriotic war, including a visit to the fortifications of the fifth "the Fifth Fort," visit the archaeological Museum "Berestye".

Excursion to Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

Will introduce You to the unique nature of the ancient forest (1410 g), you will see oak Patriarch, the giant pine tree, animals and birds in their natural habitat, visit the Residence of Santa Claus.

Excursion to the town of Tours.

Tour duration 7 hours.

Tours is a city of three saints: Cyril of Turov,

Martin, Lawrence. Includes visits to historical and archaeological museums, Museum of nature of the Pripyatski reserve. The excursion will acquaint with the history of Boris and Gleb cemetery where grows the miracle of the cross that heals many ailments.

Excursion to Zhirovichi monastery

Duration of tour 8 hours.

Introduces a functioning Orthodox monastery with the miraculous icon of Zhirovichi God's Mother, with the architectural ensemble of the monastery. You will hear a story about the history of the monastery, visit the temples and at the Holy spring.

Bus - walking tour "Minsk – the city of nine centuries".

The trip lasts 1 hour.

You will visit the monuments that will tell about the key events in the life of Pinsk. Here is the Patriarch of Pinsk old Jezuitska Collegium of the TWELFTH century - aboutthe bottom of the best educational institutions of Belarus in the era of the Commonwealth. Will be able to admire the beauty of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (XIII century), Pinsk "Murom" - the Palace Butrimovich 1784г., Holy Feodorovsky Cathedral, you will see the only in Belarus the Church of the Communists, the only one on Polesie in the Commonwealth, which currently houses a concert hall, with the established authority.

The Museum of Belarusian Polesye - guided tour of the Museum will acquaint you with the crafts and trades of woodland, urban life of the early 20th century, the history of the Pinsk region, the nature of his native land, Pinsk during the great Patriotic war.

Boat trip on the river ping during navigation will introduce You to the coastal scenery Poliske, the southern panorama of Pinsk, a unique confluence of the rivers Pina and Pripyat.

"The literary Museum of Y. Kolas" D. Pinkovichi.

His song talks about D. Pinkovichi, Jakub Kolos, his disciples and the works written in Polesie. The Museum is located in the new plantation, which in the early 20th century teacher Konstantin Mikhailovich Mitskevich ( Yakub Kolas).

St. Nicholas Church D. Kupyatichi will introduce You to the history of the Church, the history of the phenomena of the first in Belarus Kupyatichsky of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, a phenomenon which was in 1182г, will give the opportunity to talk with the Abbot of the temple.

Lovers and connoisseurs of Ethnography invite you to definitely look into the Museum of traditional life and culture "heritage Palessya" D. Markizy, Motol folk Museum, the Museum "Bezdezhsky of fartushok". Plunge into the fantastic world of creativity known Polesie sculptor, painter, poet F. S. Zhilevich, you can visit the manor house of the wizard.