New modern types of procedures

SWT-6000 Microwave - modern device for high frequency thermotherapy (diathermy) in the sanatorium "Yaselda".
Diathermy - method of electrotherapy, which consists in local or General effects on the patient's body alternating electric current high frequency, high power, leading to the rise in temperature in the organs and tissues.

The action of diathermy:
• vasodilation, which leads to improved blood and lymph circulation, and, consequently, the trophicity of tissues, improvement of excretion of metabolic products
• stimulation of the metabolism
• increased permeability of vessel walls
• reduce the excitability of nerve cells, and consequently decreasing pain
• reflex decreased tonus of striated and smooth muscles, which reduces pain associated with their spasm
• stimulation of the evacuation function of the stomach, increased gastric acidity, reducing the concentration of pepsin
• increased secretion of bile
• stimulation of secretory function of salivary glands
• the reduction of blood sugar levels, increasing glucose tolerance
• respiratory diseases (croupous and catarrhal pneumonia, bronchial asthma, dry and exudative pleurisy)
• heart disease (coronary artery spasm)
• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (chronic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic colitis)
• kidney disease (acute nephritis)
• diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus (gonococcal, rheumatic, traumatic arthritis, myositis, tendovaginitis)
• diseases of the peripheral and Central nervous system (neuritis, radiculitis, encephalitis, myelitis)
• alopecia