Corcovado treatment

Republican health resort "Yaselda" is happy to welcome You!

You chose the resort for passing kursovogo treatment with a large number of medicinal and rehabilitation procedures. The medical base is presented :

- electrophototherapy (including inductothermy, fluctuating, electrography),

- magnetic therapy (General and local impact),

- laser therapy (including lasers new generation)

- baths (bath, including turpentine, dry carbon dioxide), showers, underwater shower-massage, contrast baths),

- mud baths (General and local application of sapropelic mud, preseparation).

In our sanatorium You can effectively treated with the help

local cryo-mounting (local cold therapy),

- extracorporeal shock wave therapy (destruction of bone fragments).

You can choose from various massages:


-vacuum hardware ,

mechanical massage on the couch

mechanical massage on the couch,

-stone massage (hot stone massage),

dry aquamassage (contactless hydromassage),

- underwater shower-massage

On "Limpoma" and "Lifetim" we'll release You the therapy to improve lymphatic drainage and venous systems of the upper and lower extremities.

Deep colon cleansing You will be able to go to the office of hydrocolontherapy (under computer control).

The respiratory organs are revitalized when you visit halocomplex (managed mode salt mines) and inhalation (nebulizer inhalers to spray tiny particles of the drug, therapeutic oils).

Visit weightlessosti, completely distracted from the outside world will help You to relax the system dry "Floating".

Visit at least one of the saunas:

- Finnish sauna (up to 6 people);

- sauna "cedar barrel" (for one person),

an infrared sauna+ chromo therapy (up to 3 people).

The pool will not leave You indifferent . Elements water cascades and geysers, as well as a Jacuzzi. Before visiting the pool can undergo a mechanical massage chair to use the "treadmill", and after visiting the pool –try dry aquamassage, drink oxygen cocktails or go to "warm up" in the infrared sauna, choosing your color wave.

Experienced beautician offers a professional program of care for face and décolleté (massage, peeling, mask),seaweed wraps(a unique method of saturating the body with vitamins and trace elements of seaweed Kelp, Ficus, Lithothamne).

We will offer You several programs in SPA - capsule:

program weight loss program detoxification program "Healthy sleep".

For young people we will find treatments for weight reduction (underwater shower-massage, sharko shower, contrast baths, vacuum massage apparatus, shock-wave therapy on problem areas of the body, pressotherapy pants, swimming pool, SPA capsule, seaweed wraps, private lessons, classes at the gym).


What innovations in the sanatorium since last year?

With regard to medical base:

-there are the most modern equipment for the treatment of vascularx problems of the lower limbs (diseases of the arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels), as well as chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs in women and men is shock-wave therapy vacuum chamber in the apparatus Vacumed;

- whirlpool glass pebbles feet and hands is performed on a medical centrifuge (apparatus Aquaroll);

dry aquamassage (contactless hydromassage): when You are in a special capsule, after coating the barrier fabric – massaged the entire back surface of the trunk 36 jets of warm water;

- normoglycemia therapeutic compression. General barotherapy. In the sanatorium purchased a hyperbaric chamber. 50 minutes of treatment time You are in the chamber under the control of nurses. Your organs and systems previously experienced oxygen starvation (when the number of chronic diseases), are saturated with oxygen. You need to go through 5 to 8 treatments for maximum effect.

New medical services:

- carboxy therapy (subcutaneous administration of medical carbon dioxide);

- intra-articular introduction of prosthetic synovial fluid under ultrasound control (injected hyaluronic acid in synovial gap of the "problem" of the joint);

- hardware traction therapy (consultation (with existing conditions) is performed by a neurologist).

With 04.04.2018 in the sanatorium introduced the programme "Medicine".

In the doctor's office the patient (resting) after inspection, appointment procedures, issued a Schedule of procedures, the time is selected using a computer program (AUTOFIT). Will be offered a check-in on Saturday.

Please be informed that all procedures in the Program; missed treatments can be released only after prior agreement and the changes to the Program. If it is impossible treatments (illness, etc.) Kursovoy as early as possible inform the person of the doctor or phone 38-83-06, 38-83-74. The doctor on duty makes the appropriate changes in the Program notes in the Map kursovaya.

These actions (recording doctor about the withdrawal procedures in the Map kursovaya, Program changes) can be grounds for a refund (if kursovaya individual Schedule of procedures with the mark of nurses, contract with the check about payment procedures, passports, records of a physician (attending or emergency) to the cashier for a refund).

If You want to undergo treatment without staying in our resort

Frequently asked questions.

1.Question: How to get on Corcovado treatment in the sanatorium?

Answer: it is advisable to call 388306 (office of the doctor on duty) from 9.00 – 21.00, to coordinate the day and time of arrival.

2. Question : What documents should I bring?

Answer: the passport, an extract from medical records (not older than one month). Mandatory chest x-ray, gynecological examination for women.

3. Question: is there Parking for personal cars at the resort?

Answer: Yes. Paid Parking is available (provided the hourly price list.) For wheelchair users free Parking. On arrival to the resort You must contact the duty service on this issue.

4. The question whether a Free entry to the resort?

Answer: No. Operates in the transmission mode. When you first visit a doctor You need to contact duty service (main entrance, written "Residential building 1" "Reception"). The guard will direct You to the Registrar. The Registrar offered to fill in a registration card, put Your details, including passport information, in the computer program "Medicine», the guard will record Your data in the visitor log. The Registrar will ask Your permission in future for a newsletter on Your e-mail or on the phone on Viber.

When you visit the resort in the future, You have to show on the watch-Schedule - analogue health books for kursovogo treatment (writes the doctor, after examination and selection procedures).

5. Question: What do I need to bring things for kursovogo treatment?

Answer: a change of shoes; maybe comfortable track suit, bed sheets for treatments; the swimming pool, spas and mud baths, take a towel, Slippers; pool – a rubber cap (both women and men, and children) for the passage of dry carbon dioxide baths - socks.

6. Question: is it Possible to use the pool in the first half of the day?

Response: all prescribed procedures will be noted in the schedule of procedures. You can access the pool from 14.00 on Mondays, 11.00 am (Tuesday – Friday), 10.00 am on Saturdays.

7.Question: Where can I change?

Answer: clothes and shoes You will be asked to remove the watch (see guard service). Prepare your meals in your individual locker room # 152. Nurse office No. 152 will give You a locker key. The key must return daily to the responsible nurse .

8.Question: Is the resort store?

Response: the Shop is located near the main gate of the resort. In the store - the essential (Spa treatment) the assortment of industrial goods, and a selection of confectionery, meat, grocery. Working time from 9.00 to 16.00 (excluding on Saturdays), payment through the terminal.

9.Question: Where canabout rest between treatments? Is there a place to take hot food?

Response: the comfortable halls of the 1st floor, the "summer garden" hall, dance hall, spacious lounge at the pool; you can watch TV or just listen to relaxing music. For taking hot food includes a relaxation room with TV (on-site office No. 152); the room is equipped with kettle, microwave, tea set; there is a dressing room.

10.Question: What is the optimal treatment? How often to repeat treatment courses?

Answer: the best course of treatment from 7-8 to 9-10 treatments of each species. A combination of procedures, alternating (even, odd numbers), their sequence will determine the attending physician. To consolidate the positive therapeutic effect we recommend to repeat the treatment and rehabilitation activities through 6-9-12 months (impact on the problematic organs and systems).

11.Question: Should "Kursovoy" during a treatment visit physician?

Answer: Definitely, because it is necessary to clarify the portability procedures, the possible correction of the treatment. The doctor will agree with You the dates of attendance and mark these dates in the schedule of procedures (similar to sanatorium books for kursovogo treatment), which is given to You.

12. Question: If necessary, additional consultation, if the doctor does not work in this day, where to go?

Answer: consult in room # 109 (round the clock duty medical post) or the Cabinet 106 (on-duty nurse). 106 the office to measure blood pressure, to weigh, to measure growth. You can consult and head of the therapeutic Department (open every day (except weekends) to 15.15 in room # 108).

>13.Question: can I pay for services by credit card?

Answer: Yes. Payment in cash of the resort is possible via the terminal, using your Bank card.

14. Question : How to get to the resort from Pinsk?

Answer: you Can take the bus from the resort (daily except Sunday): 7.45 stop "ALMI" on the street Rokossovsky, stop "Albrechtova" in 8.05. Departure back to Pinsk by bus sanatorium at 15.30 (mon-Fri) or 14.50 (sub) to the stop "Agrarian and technical College". To the resort by public bus rides "Pinsk – Pochapovo". The same bus goes from the resort in the town of Pinsk "Pochapovo-Pinsk" 1.5 km away regular buses (operated often) "Minsk-Gorodische", "Pinsk-Kupyatichi".

        Detailed information can be obtained from us on duty at the security service, telephone 38-81-31.