Vacuum massage

In the sanatorium "Yaselda" is hardware vacuum massage: neck area, interscapular region, the chest, the back, spine, thoracic spine, lumbosacral region, back and waist.Hardware vacuum massage is one of the types of anti-cellulite massage.

Vacuum massage banks, which through a system of hoses connected to the machine, is one of the most effective hardware methods of massage. It is based on a profound impact on subcutaneous fat, muscle and skin with a vacuum.

Positive results from treatments of vacuum massage:
- stimulation of lymphatic drainage and blood circulation;
- beneficial effect on the functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands;
- complete relaxation of the muscles;
- the disappearance of edema and cellulitis (second and third degree).

By lowering the external pressure difference between the internal pressure in the body causing blood flow to surface tissues and the skin, redness, improves circulation of blood and lymph circulation, eliminates congestion, toxins and harmful substances, improves metabolism, accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration. The body is supplied with blood, oxygen and nutrients.

The effectiveness of vacuum on problem zones is to strengthen circulation, increase lymphatic drainage in the treated areas, which is why the hardware massage is anti-cellulite massage.