The list of procedures in sanatorium-resort voucher

Regulations on the norms of holiday of diagnostic,treatment and rehabilitation services (procedures) in 2019

According to the rules of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services in sanatorium-resort treatment, confirmed by the decree of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus dated 16.05.2003 No. 23 in coordination with Center for community health promotion (reg. No. 8/9528 from 19.05.2003)

To APPROVE standards of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services provided to patients in the "Republican health resort "Yaselda" on the ticket:

Permit 18 days includes:

  1. Medical examination:

1.1. Treating physician 3 to 4 visits
1.2. Narrow specialists (physical therapist, neurologist, psychotherapist) - according to the testimony, taking into account the main and associated diagnoses.

  1. Diagnostic studies:

2.1. Functional methods - given the profile of the "Republican health resort "Yaselda" for veterans of war, work and disabled people": ECG - indicated, ultrasound of internal organs - according to testimony, routinely - on a paid basis.
2.2 "Helik – test" is a non - invasive method for the determination of Helicobacter pylori infection with the help of a special respiratory tube (shown in gastric ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis) – on a paid basis.
2.3. Densitometry (determination of bone mineral density for diagnosis of osteoporosis) is on a paid basis.

  1. Treatment and rehabilitation services:

3.1. Therapeutic massage - 1 massage is 6-7 procedures.
3.2. Balneotherapy – 1, 6-7 procedures.
3.3. Thermotherapy (mud or paraffin) – 1, 6-7 procedures.
3.4. Electrophototherapy - according to the testimony, but not more than 2x 6 -7 types of procedures.
3.5. Drinking treatment with mineral water - no more than one kind of mineral water.
3.6. Phytotherapy - 1 species indicated.
3.7. Diet - according to the testimony, the entire course of treatment.
3.8. Pool - 6-7 procedures.
3.9. Therapeutic exercise at the gym - 6-7 procedures.
3.10. Aromatherapy - 5-6 procedures.
3.11. Lessons on neuromuscular relaxation- according to the testimony, 3-4 treatments.

Notes: Beyond the proper norm (unless contraindicated) treatment and rehabilitation services are offered on a fee basis.