Psychotherapy is one of the types of services in the sanatorium "Yaselda".

The psyche of each human in the modern world is exposed to enormous loads. The fast pace of life, frequent stresses, fatigue – all these factors have a negative impact on the human psyche, provoke the development of borderline disorders in adults. Identifying and addressing emotional instability of the personality deals with the psychotherapist, through individual and group psychotherapy, which is one of the types of services in the sanatorium "Yaselda".

The main reason for seeking a psychotherapist – mental health, the feeling of permanent discomfort from contact with other people and the outside world.

The work of the psychotherapist strive to establish with our clients a safe atmosphere for open communication where you can talk freely about painful experiences. In addition, you can openly Express your feelings, including negative ones that can survive for the benefit of themselves.

Also, the therapist is guided by the principle of "partnership". Because our goal is to give you, as customers, as affordable as possible means to resolve your problems. In this case, your task is to use these tools. We are equal partners in your development.

Actually, the main resource for "recovery" and getting rid of heavy emotional experiences, achieve a better quality of life is yourself. And our goal "to enhance your resources"to help you learn new effective ways of perceiving life and problem solving.

An incredibly large spectrum of problems solve individual therapy. This depression; panic attacks and anxiety; addiction – alcohol, gambling; PTSD; psychosomtelematics disease.

Sometimes you need only a few counseling to deal with the situation.

The solution of communicative problems – skate group therapy – neuromuscular relaxation, where we learn to relax and move, to relax, to control your emotions and lead a healthy and active lifestyle to avoid development of border States.

Very productive the combination of these two types of therapy – finding the "pain points" in the process of group work it is useful to contact them for individual advice. If You have a specific request, but there is an inner feeling of discomfort, which pursues and does not live with this, too, can go boldly to individual therapy. Psychotherapy in combination with well-selected medicines gives better results.

In any case, whether they are both useful experience and a good step on the road to self-discovery and new life!